Lower Decks – Cupid’s Errant Arrow

This week we review Star Trek: Lower Decks S01E5 Cupid’s Arrow

Lower Decks – Envoys

This week we cover Star Trek: Lower Decks S01E02 Enyoys

Star Trek: Picard Season One Finale and Season Review

We discuss Star Trek: Picard S01E10 Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 (0:34:40 – 2:09:00)

Stardust City Rag

This week we review Star Trek: Picard Stardust City Rag S01E05.

We follow up on Han Solo and the Romulan Bird of Prey. Netflix goes full spoiler with short teaser for Stranger Things S4. Redbox launches an ad-supported streaming TV service. ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ breaks record for a video game movie debut. Watch the first trailer for ‘Amazing Stories,’ Steven Spielberg’s Apple TV Plus show. Iron Man dreams are closer to becoming a reality in new Jetman Dubai video. Netflix’s animated Castlevania series returns for Season 3 in March. Fans can soon buy the original Star Wars trilogy and prequels in 4K UHD. Top Ten hardest UK accents. Watch List: Why Seven of Nine Is Actually More Than Just Eye Candy. Clone Wars returns! New Westworld trailer drops – debut March 15

The End is the Beginning

This week we break down Picard S01E03 The End is the Beginning. We follow up on The Five Doctors, Spaceballs, Dr Who, Altered Carbon and Syndrome from The Incredibles. An animatronic Spider-Man will soon swing over Disneyland. Footage from lost Star Wars series surfaces. Mad Max 5 in the works? OG Marvel director in talks for Doctor Strange 2. Disney+ reveals premiere dates. Lightning McQueen signs on for Loki. Ron Howard teases Willow Disney+ series. Marvel teases Falcon and Winter Solider, Wandavision, and Loki on Disney+. Hulu targeting 2021 for international rollout, says Disney CEO. Disney+ has surpassed 28 million subscribers since launch. All of Lost will stream for free on Amazon’s IMDb TV streaming service. Watch List: Star Fleet forecast, Kevin Smith Reviews Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, The Captain’s Assistant, Star Wars #2.


#48 – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

We cover the Game of Thrones finale — The Iron Throne with special guest George Stroumboulopoulos. Robert Pattinson in negotiations to play Batman. First trailer for HBO’s adaptation of His Dark Materials. First trailer for CW’s Batwoman. Steven King likes GOT’s Season 8. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Photos?! Aaron Paul longs for someone “real” in Westworld S3 trailer. The end of Humans. Back to the Future musical coming, because money. Vanity Fair reveals Star Wars details. New Coke returns in time for Stranger Things S3. Into the Spider-Verse coming to Netflix. Senator Elizabeth Warren & Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez review GOT. HBO boss shoots down possible Arya spinoff. Gwendoline gets timey wimey predicting throne winner. Watch List: Game Of Thrones Finale, the John Hughes homage, What We Left Behind, Hereditary, Dead To Me, Happytime Murders, Archer: 1999, Black Mirror Season 5.

Special Guest: George Stroumboulopoulos.


Robert Pattinson Is ‘The Batman’ – Variety


#17 – Regeneration

SPOILERS we discuss the Dr Who Xmas Special – “Twice Upon a Time”. We fact check on Dr Who and follow up on The Last Jedi for tourists; Ridley Scott on Blade Runner 2049; Stephen King on Dark Tower; Star Wars Cantina actor passes; Deathstroke; Krypton; Bright; and AMC posts warning to viewers of the Last Jedi (Spoilers). We do a 10 minute spoilerific review of the Dr Who Xmas Special as well as many Whovian characters. We also announce the nominees for the 2017 Spockies. Picks: Star Wars IV: A lightsaber fight reimagined, Hamlet 2009.



#14 – Talk Among Yourselves

Spoiler: This week we cover the Orville S1E11 “New Dimensions”. We start off discussing Mia Kirshner’s #afterMeToo, Mia Kirshner, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The Batman Ninja trailer drops. Experience Echo Base Star Wars jackets, Battlefront 2 lightens up the challenges, and the UK is producing Star Wars Pound notes. Altered Carbon comes to Netflix, ‘Wolverine: The Long Night’ podcast coming, Jordan Peele will resurrect The Twilight Zone, and WarGames reboots. Picks: “Dark” on Netflix.



#6 – No Win Situations

SPOILERS – The Star Trek Discovery S1.E4, and The Orville S1.E5 are discussed. We run the fact check on our own Episode 3. We follow with a Spoiler-Free review of Blade Runner 2049. We also follow up on the Blade Runner as film noir, the origin of “Director’s Cut” and the official trailer for Star Wars – The Last Jedi. We discuss some new characters and some losses in Star Trek: Discovery – Episode 4 – “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”. After Trek brings us some new tidbits to chat about. We also discuss The Orville – Episode 5 – “Pria” which reunites Seth McFarland and Charlize Theron. Picks: Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Pacific Rim Uprising, Replicas and Savage Dragon #227. NB – this weeks show was recorded on Zoom.us


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#1 – Fez’s Are Cool!

In our first semiofficial episode we delve into what we think Star Trek: Discover will bring to the Star Trek universe. Tim also regales us with his chance meeting with The Doctor, Matt Smith, at Fan Expo Canada 2017 in Toronto. Why we pay so much for autographs and fan photos. Other star sightings and features of Fan Expo are covered as well. As usual, Jaime and Tim discuss various Sci-Fi franchises and actors. Tim answers whether the original 1960’s Star Trek is his favorite series.

Matt Smith signing with security.

Friend of the Show Dave & family with Karen Gillan at Fan Expo 2015

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Show clarifications and corrections by @JPKnews

12:48 – There were 5 original Planet of the Apes films, not 4.
13:17 – The Planet of the Apes TV show ran for just 14 episodes in 1974.
13:26 – Battlestar Galactica premiered in 1978 – post-Star Wars, but pre-Star Trek: The Motion Picture – and lasted for one season. It was followed by Galactica 1980, which premiered in (you guessed it!) 1980 and lasted just 10 episodes.
13:42 – Lorne Greene, pride of Ottawa, was Ben Cartwright on Bonanza from 1959 to 1973 before starring in Battlestar Galactica.
14:00 – Patrick Stewart played Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film franchise, not Dr. X.
16:29 – Patricia Quinn, who played Magenta and Nell Campbell, who played Columbia, in The Rocky Horror Picture Show were guests at Fan Expo Canada 2017.
17:28 – A head sketch of the title character from The Savage Dragon, by Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen, cost $60. Worth every penny!
18:33 – Mr. Homn was Lwaxana Troi’s valet in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was played by 7-foot-tall Dutch actor Carel Struycken.
19:15 – The guy who played Jaws in the James Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, was Richard Kiel, who died in 2014 at age 74.
31:03 – Jason Mewes was a guest at Fan Expo 2017, but Kevin Smith didn’t make it this year.
31:53 – Star Trek: Discovery is set roughly 10 years before the events of the original Star Trek TV show.
33:31 – The Klingons were in Star Trek: Enterprise. In fact, a Klingon is the first character you see in the pilot episode.
33:36 – Protagonist is the hero, antagonist is the villain.
39:25 – Tim never told us his “baseball bat in barbed wire” story. Everybody tweet him and remind him!
40:03 – Sonequa Martin-Green’s character in The Walking Dead, Sasha, actually killed herself, rather than being used as a pawn by Negan and his gang against her friends.
41:09 – The actor who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series is Tom Felton, who was also on the past season of The Flash.
42:22 – The most recent Marvel movie Tim actually saw was Spider-Man: Homecoming (I know, because I was there – and it was a double bill with Baby Driver!).
43:28 – The “weird dog” from the Inhumans is named Lockjaw. And he’s a good boy!
50:32 – Lexa Doig, Toronto native (woot!), is currently starring as Talia al Ghul on Arrow.
52:22 – Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on Sept. 28, 1987.
57:10 – Shawn Ashmore, pride of Richmond, B.C., played Bobby “Iceman” Drake in the X-Men film series. He was the love interest of Rogue, played by Oscar-winner Anna Paquin, pride of Winnipeg!